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Our dataset R package aims to help the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse of digital assets, particularly datacubes and datasets used in statistics and data analysis.

The dataset S3 Class
Motivation: Make Tidy Datasets Easier to Release Exchange and Reuse

More Valuable Datasets

Increase the (re-)use value of a dataset by increasing semantic information about the variables (columns), observations (rows), and the structure of the dataset.

Richer Semantics for the Dataset's Variables
Richer Semantics for the Dataset's Observations
Richer Description of the Dataset's Structure for Meaningful Reuse Opportunities


Our dataset R package creates new classes and an interface to easily add, retrieve or modify descriptive, provenance or structural metadata to a dataset.

Metadata Added to Data Frames
Working with DataCite Metadata
Working with Dublin Core Metadata
Data Provenance: Who Did What With the Dataset

Planned functionality

This package is in an early development phase. The current dataset S3 class is inherited from the base R data.frame. Later versions may change to the modern tibble, which carries a larger dependency footprint but easier to work with. Easy interoperability with the data.table package remains a top development priority.

The survey Class