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Add the optional Creator property as an attribute to an R object.



creator(x, overwrite = TRUE) <- value



An R object, such as a data.frame, a tibble, or a data.table.


If the attributes should be overwritten. In case it is set to FALSE, it gives a message with the current Creator property instead of overwriting it. Defaults to TRUE when the attribute is set to value regardless of previous setting.


The Creator as a utils::person object.


The Creator attribute as a character of length 1 is added to x.


The Creator corresponds to dct:creator and Creator in DataCite. The name of the entity that holds, archives, publishes prints, distributes, releases, issues, or produces the resource. This property will be used to formulate the citation, so consider the prominence of the role. For software, use Creator for the code repository. If there is an entity other than a code repository, that "holds, archives, publishes, prints, distributes, releases, issues, or produces" the code, use the property Contributor/contributorType/hostingInstitution for the code repository.

See also

Other Reference metadata functions: dataset_source(), description(), geolocation(), identifier(), language, publication_year(), publisher(), rights(), size(), version()


iris_dataset <- iris
creator(iris_dataset) <- person("Anderson", "Edgar", role = "aut")
#> [1] "Anderson Edgar [aut]"